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Green Initiatives

We Care.

Waves Car Wash is environmentally friendly. We recycle our water, and use 80% less water than a typical driveway car wash. We have three 1500-gallon water reclaim tanks that store wastewater from your vehicle. This water is then pumped through two filters and injected with Ozone to kill bacteria. The cleaned reclaim water is then pumped onto cars through certain stages, including the high pressure arch and underwash. Our car wash only uses about 20 gallons of water per car, about the equivalent of an 8 minute shower.

Waves Car Wash has 160 230-watt solar panels that generate 40,000 kwh of electricity a year, enough to supply 20% of our power needs. If we are not busy, excess electricity is supplied to the grid and will power nearby homes and businesses.

Our high efficiency blowers that dry your car run on special Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)s. These VFDs lower the electrical demand usage and allow us to decrease the speed of the motors depending on the season.