July 4th Hours: 7 AM - 4 PM

July 4th Hours: 7 AM - 4 PM

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Cancel unlimited Plan Instructions
Please follow the steps below
Step 1

Click Manage Account button on header 

Step 2
You’ll be redirected to th page where you need to provide your phone number, associated with your unimited plan. Add the phone number and click Submit.
Step 3
You’ll recieve SMS with the short link. Please click that link, it will redirect you to your car wash account.
Step 4
Under Vehicles section, select your vehicle and click on the vehicle’s name.
Step 5

Press Cancel button 

And at the top of your browser you’ll see the popup. Click OK. 

That’s it, you cancelled your unlimited plan.
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Thank you!

We’ve recieved your message and will get back to you within a 24 hours.

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To cancel your unlimited, please use this instruction